Home Insulation and Pests

5 Pest that also love your warm home

So winter has now arrived and it’s that time of the year where you need to make sure that your boilers in check, your double glazing is at an acceptable standard and maybe even investing in a smart thermostat might be the way to go.


However, with this increased level of comfort and warmth, comes other problems too, usually in the shape of rodents and insects.


So, many insects such as spiders tend to drop off during the cold weather. However before that happens you can rest assured that they’ve laid many eggs that will be waiting to hatch during the spring months. In addition to this other pests such as roaches and queen wasps tend to hibernate under tree bark and rocks. But the biggest problems faced by most homeowners and business owners alike those pest and radio on and leach onto the warm   which


Below we have created a list of the five most unwanted pests that find warmth as cosy as you do:


  •  Mice –  Being nocturnal creatures you’ll usually be able to hear mice as you lay down on your pillow just about to nod off, usually in the form of scratching  along your floorboards, ceiling and plastered walls.  Rummaging through rubbish ,dirty plates. The biggest clue however would be the trail of mouse droppings that these rodents leave behind. The problem posed by these tiny little scavengers is the diseases that they spread, the wires they chew through and the food that you to contaminate.
  • Cluster flies – cluster flies aren’t named in vain, valuable often find that they forced their way into your home during the autumn winter months, only to find them scattered all over different parts of the house or place of residence. They usually prepare very well in places like attic spaces.
  • Stink bugs – if you’re keen gardener, these aren’t good news. They attack plants through trees and vegetable stock. They get their name from, well…… Because they stink. This is more noticeable when they fly around in large hoards.
  • ants – As many may already know, there are several hundred different species of ants. However, in this case the most annoying ants during the winter months will most likely be part of the carpet ant family. Generally ants will lay their nest in wood. So don’t be surprised to find them in your door hinges, wooden window ledges, or in between the cracks in your floorboards. The easiest way to tell if there is a nest in your house, is if you see a bunch of ants crawling around sluggishly. This is because during the winter months, they are in hibernation mode.
  • Squirrels – it is a well known fact that squirrels love a good old autumn and winter season. Therefore it is safe to say that squirrels do not hibernate around these months. However one should be fooled. As much as they like the outdoor lifestyle, they also enjoy bunking up with you in all your warmth and glory. And if you haven’t seen one this autumn or winter, you might want to check your attic. They’re usually having a party with all your wiring, guttering or tearing through your suffits. In addition to this they also have a habit of creating mess and leaving behind odours that in turn can attract other pests.


It’s fair to say that we all want nice warm comfortable home to come back to after a long day of work, with a nice cuppa whilst relaxing to Netflix. In order to achieve this is really important that we keep our boilers going by servicing it and maintaining its infrastructure. However, at the same time, it’s also a good idea to keep yourself updated how to get rid of warmth loving pests. For more information, visit one of our partners sites, for the lowdown on how to achieve this.