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We are a fully fledged Jumble Sale Organisation that refurbish boiler and heating parts and sell them on for profit to consumers who can’t afford to replace their heating systems straight away. We also have access to a wide range of of installers across London, Birmingham and Oxford.

If you’re looking for reconditioned or repaired printed circuit boards, we are your best friends. We are trusted by big service companies and like. We understand the costs involved in repairing and fixing boilers and commercial heating systems that’s why we have done our best to ensure that we provide you the best prices possible. In addition to this we have also introduced a new 12 month guarantee all parts supplied. VAT is added to the prices that you pay on our site and delivery comes at an extra cost.

Please note: we also offer next day delivery or items and goods that have been purchased before 3 PM. We also highly recommend that you do not interfere or try and fix boiler or gas appliances unless you feel that you are competent enough to do so. You can find a full list of gas boiler fitters in our website.